Genealogy Data Page Extended 20 (Pedigree Pages)

Individuals marked with a red dot are direct ancestors of Bjarte Hetland
For privacy reasons, Date of Birth and Date of Marriage for persons believed to still be living are not shown.

     Sørheim, Elling Håkonson
 b. 1772
 d. 1811
     Grindheim, Elling Ellingson
 b. 1800
 d. 1867
      Silda, Brønla Tjerandsdtr.
 b. 1767
 d. 1810
   Grindheim, Lars Ellingson
 b. 1846
 d. 1936
    Larsdotter, Margreta
 b. 1818
 d. 1856
  Grindheim, Guri Margrethe Larsdtr.
 b. 24 APR 1877
 d. 21 DEC 1950
     Stødle, Alvald Sjurson
 b. 1791
 d. 1872
    Stødle, Sjur Alvaldsson
 b. 1821
 d. 1889
     Rygg, Kristi Hansdtr
 b. 1801
 d. 1866
   Stødle, Kristi Sjursdtr.
 b. 1843
     Tungesvik, Lars Olson
 b. 1788
 d. 1858
    Tungesvik, Guri Larsdtr.
 b. 1817
     Austrheim, Helga Torsdtr
 b. 1794
 d. 1863

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